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Family farm near Garvão

Some photos of a family project near Garvão, where we designed a PEARL project in early this year, and coordinated phase 1 implementations:

  • Chop and drop cleanings with corta-mato;

  • Surveying and marking;

  • Half buried water tank on highest point of the property;

  • Instalation of the main infrastructures (water, irrigation, energy);

  • Earthworks and access;

  • Preparations for plantations;

  • Plantation of hedges;

  • Plantation of mix orchard and gardens;

  • Compost toilet, and othe wooden buildings;

  • Pool and pool area (in cooperation with Harrie Steijns);

Next phase will include a lake, a small pond, terraces, more plantations of productive species, and much more!

Best regards to everyone that is and was part of this project, and specially to the Mansour / Afifi family!

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