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Regenerative Farm Design Workshop - January 2021 in Reliquias, Odemira

Atualizado: 19 de dez. de 2020

Terracrua Design presents a new formation workshop for January 2021, a 5-day intensive course where participants will learn how to use all available tools to plan, implement and maintain their farm idea or project. This of course, in a regenerative approach, within the frameworks of regenerative agriculture, permaculture, keyline design and holistic management.

After years of developing projects for public and private clients, we can say that our field of expertise is the development of mainframe designs for farms of any size and rural projects. Hereby we have a focus on the creation of a web of different elements, designed to fulfill several regenerative and human objectives.

To Whom:

This workshop is intended for property owners in the Alentejo, who are truly interested in investing differently in their farms. Regarding both profit and ecologic restoration, regenerative agriculture aims to increase yields, while giving more space to ecosystems to restore their functions, in quality and quantity.

More information here on courses page:

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