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Terramay v2

We are very glad to deliver the revisited Terramay project to its promoters, the família De Brito and Thomas Sterchi!

We were asked to revisit the project previously done in 2020, this time with a lighter approach, more focused in the cattle management and water design.

Our team developed a new mainframe in GIS, with the following layers:

  • Water in landscape (dams, ponds, swales, micro earthworks;

  • Access;

  • Permanent vegetation;

  • Infrastructures (wells, tanks, water, energy and irrigation, visit boxes and other details);

  • Zoning;

  • Keyline plantation plan for fruit production;

  • Cattle paddocking system;

We are very happy to deliver this project, and we are looking forward to see these elements being implemented on site!

Our best wishes to Terramay project and staff!

P.S.- Here you can watch Terramay latest video!

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