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Updates on water elements at São Luis

Dams, ponds, swales, terraces, all different, but all them are a part of any of our water approach and design, within keyline based framework plans for farms.

For these elements we will see below, theres next steps to be done in order to regenerate the soils and surfaces impacted by the machine works, such as seedings, planting, and caring for the spontaneous vegetation that normally follows earthworks.

Here we can see some photos of a property near São Luis, Odemira, of a project designed in 2018, with some implementations last June 2020, and latest photos in December 2020:

Photos above:

Saddle pond, located in one of the highest locations available, storing water that is being distributed by a structural swale. The swales in a long term, will have more functions, such as paddocking, infrastructures and green corridors/hedges.

Photos above:

Secundary ridge keyline pond, where soils were lost over time due to surface runoff, now theres a small shallow pond, that stores water and hidrates the landscape below. This pond is also served by structural swales.

Photos above:

An valley dam that was "blessed" by a undergroung water line, that started filling in the dam, the same day it was finished. The nearest roads also bring water here.

Important: Earthworks such these ones must be well planned and implemented by professionals. Wrong calculations or subdimensioning can put your farm at risk!

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